(1). Who can apply for a logbook loan?

Anyone who is a vehicle owner that resides in the UK is eligible for our logbook loan deals. Make sure you’re also of legal age and you can provide proof of steady income to ensure fast approval.

(2). Do I need to be employed to apply?

In general, we require our customers to be fully employed to be eligible. But we can also be more flexible in some cases. If you are self-employed, you are still welcome to apply provided that you have proof of income.

(3). Can I keep my car?

Yes, you can still keep your car when you apply for a logbook loan. What we will need instead is your vehicle’s logbook document. Other requirements to prepare beforehand include your MOT certificate, insurance details, IDs, billing details and proof of income.

(4). What is the maximum amount I can borrow?

The maximum amount we can lend borrowers is £50,000 or up to 70% of your car’s official trade value, which you can use any way you want. We’ll have to consider your income when giving approval for your loan.

(5). How do I repay for the loan?

You can repay the loan at one of our branches through an over-the-counter transaction or you can set up an automatic debit deduction arrangement for convenience. Payments can be made bi-weekly or monthly.

(6). What if I want to repay the loan early?

Early repayments for your logbook loan are possible without any additional fees. Customers, however, are requested to contact the lender if early repayment is preferred.

(7). What are the types of cars do you accept?

We accept all types and makes of car. Just make sure your vehicle is not tied to any type of financing. The vehicle must be registered under your name and it should be less than ten years old.

(8). How much is the average representative APR for your loan deals?

The average representative APR for our loan deals are below the standard market average. With the help of our partners and years in the business, FireLizard Loans is able to guarantee our customers affordability you cannot find elsewhere.

(9). Do you have any hidden fees?

We have different fees and charges associated with our phone deals. All are disclosed prior to approval of your logbook loan application. For a more detailed explanation of different fees, we recommended for customers to check out the small print.

(10). What if I can no longer repay the loan?

In the event that you think you can no longer make payments for your logbook loan, borrowers are recommended to speak with FireLizard Loans immediately. We can assess your financial situation and make new arrangements if necessary. Failure to contact us may mean you’ll be incurring hefty charges and fees for late or missed payments. There’s also the possibility of vehicle repossession.