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Welcome to FireLizard Loans

Do you need quick short term financing for your financial emergencies? Taking out a personal loan to pay for overdue bills, medical expenses and other personal needs is one of the easiest and fastest ways you can try. Unfortunately, getting approved for a personal loan is less likely if you have a poor credit history. If you are refused a loan due to your less than perfect financial history, this is where FireLizard Loans can help.

What is FireLizard Loans

FireLizard Loans is a leading name in the UK lending market. Our specialty is provider customers with the best deals on logbook loans. As a trusted brand, we have already helped thousands of borrowers across UK. We cater especially to those with a poor credit score. With the help of our partners including Top Logbook Loan at, we can guarantee affordability in every deal regardless of your credit score or financial situation.

What We Do

At FireLizard Loans, helping borrowers who are struggling to get a loan is what we do best. Rather than reject applications due to credit score alone, we have created a team of specialists to assess your situation and help find you a suitable logbook loan deal. With FireLizard Loans as your partner, your chances of approval are very high. You also get to enjoy quick access to thousands of logbook loan deals at affordable interest rates.

Why Choose Us

If you want affordable and fast approval, look no further than FireLizard Loans for your logbook loan deal. Working hand in hand with only the best partners in the market, we’ve been providing our customers with affordable logbook loan deals for years. We offer loan offers with interest rates below the market average. We also guarantee fast approval. So long as the loan requirements are met and the documents prepared prior to application, we can provide approval in as fast as within 24 hours or less.

Why Choose Logbook Loans

Borrowers with bad credit scores who need a quick fix solution for their financial problems can resort to logbook loans. Unlike traditional loans, this type of personal loan does not require any credit check. Whether you have a poor credit score because of a default or CCJ, you can still avail the loan. Logbook loans are also easy to access online. There’s no need to visit a lender’s office to apply for a personal loan. You can simply apply online and wait for approval within 24 to 48 hours. Click here for more info on logbook loans.

Get Approved Fast

To turn your vehicle into cash, simply fill out our online application. We will assess your financial needs and situation then give you a feedback right away. If eligible for a logbook loan, you can complete the application by visiting the nearest branch to submit your requirements or you may request for a home visit. If you opt for the latter option, we’ll have a representative go to you home address to collect the requirements. Approval should be confirmed in 24 hours or less and the money will be transferred immediately to your bank account.